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Pointer Shoes

New Pointer shoes

We want to introduce new shoes Pointer from London. Established in 2004, Pointer was created with the aim of making simple, well-designed casual shoes in response to a market then saturated with increasingly technical trainers and hyped-up limited edition sneakers. Pointer employs people it likes, from artists to interns; based in London, the company is backed by a creative stable of friends and co-conspirators, inspired and informed by everything from art and music to skateboarding and breakfast.
Pointer Footwear is Gareth Skewis; Hollie White – Head of Design; art direction is by Mat Fowler and Hannah Draper of Playarea. Artists include Nik Taylor, Jethro Haynes, Marcus Oakley, French and Dan Edgar. Autumn/Winter 2011 deliveries start July 2011. here’s our fir delivery Matieson and Debasor.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By thewordwa at 2011-10-15 Navy Matieson.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By thewordwa at 2011-10-15 Black Debasor.

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